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iCentral™ is Rain Master’s comprehensive, affordable, web based water management system that allows central control for one or more RME Eagle™ Series irrigation controllers.  The iCentral website utilizes reliable 2-way wireless communications from the internet to each field controller (US Patent No. 6,823,239).  Because it is wireless, installation is simple for either new or retrofit applications.    The iCentral system takes advantage of existing commercial wireless carrier infrastructure found throughout most populated areas of the continental United States.  After the initial installation of your controller is complete, the activation of the wireless service to your controller is performed directly from the iCentral website. 


Rain Master’s iCentral system provides total control of each field controller.   Programs may be entered or modified either in the field or from the website.   Intelli-Sync™ assures that all data is verified and synchronized between the website and the field controller.  The website is intelligent and automatically informs you anytime a field change has occurred, as well as allowing a rain shutdown command to one or more controllers, modifying any controller setup information, and to manually turn on/off any station or program.  The website is designed for ease of use, with help menus on every page so that no training is required.  Should you need assistance, Rain Master’s support staff is waiting to address your needs.


In addition to basic control, the website has the ability to collect and disseminate daily weather information so that your controllers can irrigate intelligently based upon plant material demand for water.   This feature is known as ZipET™.  Users may setup their system, so that weather information is automatically sent to each controller every day – 24/7.   Upon receipt of the weather information, the Eagle controller intelligently modifies scheduled station runtimes.  By changing irrigation schedules based upon need, significant water savings can be achieved.   The website may also initiate a “rain shutdown” to each of your controllers if it has determined that precipitation in your area necessitates a shutdown.


The iCentral system is intelligent from a maintenance perspective as well.  Broken heads, pipes, and mainline faults may be detected when an optional flow sensor is connected to the controller.   Additionally, the Eagle controller has the ability to detect wiring faults associated with station field wiring.  Smart Alerts™ are generated from the list of preset field alarms and are processed thru the website as they occur.  Notifications are automatically generated at the website and Smart Alerts may also be automated to send a text message and/or an email.  Consequently, you will be informed of irrigation field problems when any fault does occur, via email to your cell phone, PDA, or your PC.     


Finally, you can manage your entire system with Rain Master’s iCentral web services.  Reports are available to show all web and field activity.  Additionally, all monthly billing/payment can be reviewed and performed online via the Rain Master iCentral website. 

Prerequisites for the usage of this website include:


NOTE:  If you are unsure of wireless coverage in your area, you may send an email to: iCentral.Support@toro.com and include the physical mailing address for each location where coverage is desired.